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Welcome to Farm2Farmer

Welcome to  We are a real estate broker specifically working with you on all of your agricultural real estate needs.  If you are looking to sell, buy, or simply need an evaluation on your farm, we are the ones to call. Oftentimes there is more involved than just setting a price and hoping for the best.  Let’s break down values of equipment, livestock, feed, crops, land, and so on, giving you an accurate valuation on your business.

The question people ask us most often is, “Why should we call you rather then this or that person?”.  Well, in a nut shell, we are not ‘just a realtor’ but go well beyond what is expected.  Ask us to stop by for a cup of coffee and you will see why it’s worth the conversation. We would love to share why we are different and why we are better for you. We are in your corner, provide weekly updates, have an excellent marketing strategy and a marketing team with us, work all of our farm connections, and provide timely feedback and updates to you.  We don’t list your farm then disappear!

When a farm comes up in your area, you make the phone call and its already sold.  That’s frustrating.  Here on we email all of our clients and friends on our ‘early email list’ so before farms go on the market, we email our clients directly. This gives you a leg up on a farm purchase before others do!  We are ‘in the know’ and continuously comb the market place, follow up on rumors, chase down stories, all to ensure our clients get the information first!  We do the work and keep you in the loop.  On, click on the ‘Here’s Why’ button and we will put you on the early email list and get you the information moments after we know!

Every week or so, we will add new blogs with the hot topics of the week.  Next week, we will talk about the outlook for the future farm prices and land values.  Stay tuned for some good research by your team at Farm2Farmer!